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The new year brings unexpected challenges and opportunities. The market can change in an instant and you’ll be left hanging far behind trends. We want you to stay ahead of the competition by being the first to know “what’s up” in the year 2020. Wedialab has compiled a list of forecasted trends that will definitely be a hot topic for the upcoming year. So what you’re waiting for, onwards we go!


Mobile Commerce 

Convenience is a key factor to this rising trend. As the days go by, more and more people are relying more on their mobile phones to shop and make transactions. It’s easier than opening up your PC and going online.  Even in traditional retail stores, peopel are already using their mobile phones and apps such as Apple Pay and Google Wallet to make purchases. Most developed countries are already heading towards a fully cashless world in making financial transactions. Countries such as China use Alipay and WeChat to pay for almost everything and has made life simpler for many. 


5G Network 

Started from the bottom and now we’re at the number 5. Most probably you’ve heard about 5G WiFi, the lightning fast internet cellular network. All the mobile network providers are already tapping into 5G and improving it. The increased bandwidth will give even faster internet speeds. Besides that, 5G will also be implemented into the use of drones and driverless cars, allowing them to rapidly communicate with other smart devices. 


Prescriptive Analytics 

There are currently two major models of analytical tools which are descriptive and predictive analytics. 


  • Descriptive analytics gives insight into what has happened with historical data. 
  • Predictive analytics helps forecast what might happen. 
  • Prescriptive Analytics however aims to find out the best solution or outcome among various choices by taking advantage of the results from descriptive and predictive analytics.


Currently, prescriptive analytics has already seen application in the oil and gas industry as well as healthcare. Sooner or later, this model will eventually creep in to many more industry sectors that involve analytics. 


AI as a Service 

We have the Saas business model whereby providers host applications and make them available to customers over the Internet. What’s going to be happening now is the combining of the SaaS model with AI services in hopes that  AI can be available to the masses without heavy price tags. While the concept of AI is racing ahead in some areas and lagging in others, there are already some AI provider platforms offering services such as processing-intensive GPU workloads. Large companies such as Google, Amazon, Microsoft already offer machine-learning solutions and other training materials. AI is definitely going to be more advanced and more in demand from days to come. 


Alternative-Cryptocurrency Collapse

Cryptocurrency has always been a love hate relationship amongst masses. Many believe in it and many don’t. Whatever side you’re on, one thing can’t be denied. The main dominating crypto market is still bitcoin. Bitcoin now has a market dominance of around 69 percent after being as low as 35 percent in January 2018. The surge in price has raised questions of whether Bitcoin could really be a new kind of digital gold. Blockchain technology has already seen practical applications in healthcare, asset management and intellectual property. But whether Bitcoin and the blockchain will radically change the way we live, it is still currently in a working progress. 


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It’s time to update yourselves once more on the new changes Facebook has done for their ad service “Facebook Ads”. The recent update sees more creative ways to package content as well as the removal of redundant features.

Many advertisers are always on the lookout for these crucial updates as they might turn the tides for them against their competition.So, if you are new to this, make sure to read on, as this knowledge might be helpful in making your advertising campaign effective. 


Facebook Reach and Impressions

In hopes to ensure that Facebook analytics platform is as accurate as possible, some changes have been made in the calculation of reach and impressions. 

What’s different is that they will be changing the time frame that cuts off when two impressions from the same user can be counted as unique reach.

Impressions are the number of times a post from your page is displayed. For example, if someone sees a page update in their Facebook newsfeed and then sees that same update when a friend shares it, that would count as 2 impressions. Reach is the number of people who received impressions of a Page post. This means that you might see a slight decline in your reach and impressions than before. 


Removed Gray Verification Badges

We’re sure you’ve seen the blue tick on reputable Facebook pages such as celebrities and big brands. But there is also another verification badge which is gray in colour.

The grey badges used to be displayed on pages who have verified their official details with Facebook to prove their identity, while blue badges signal an important business, organization, or figure that’s well-known.


Facebook realized that having two different types of badges that serve a similar purpose might be too confusing for users thus they have removed it since.

Facebook has mentioned that this update will not affect pages or profiles that have a blue verification badge, and that the removal won’t affect the way the pages appear on the search results.

But what’s skeptical is that, without the grey badge there will definitely be a difference in your page credibility thus you have to focus more on reviews to improve the pages overall reputation.


Can’t  Find The “Post Scheduling” Option?

Previously, scheduling posts could be done by page admins directly on the post itself. But recently, many users were surprised when they could not find the “Post Scheduling” 

option anymore.

Many thought of it to be a glitch at first, but Facebook has confirmed that this functionality has now been removed. The option is only available now throughout the Creator Studio, Business Manager, or Publishing Tools tab. Third party scheduling tools are still viable options as well.


New Facebook Search Ads

Facebook has just announced a new type of ad placement for the platform. These search ads are a new exciting system favourable to advertisers in which they bid to have their pages show up in relevant mobile searches.

Why is it so good and different is because it is the first ad type of Facebook that allows businesses to reach their intended users that are actively looking for pages like theirs. In turn this gives them the chance to capture them easily and cash in on the demand instead of generating demand.


What’s interesting as well is that these ads will be very visual and eye catching as you can see on the picture presented. Facebook ad search will include the general search and Marketplace search options while still being able to set your audience criteria. In short you’ll still be able to find someone on the age of 50 whom loves fitness or someone who has an interest in vacuum cleaners. Everything is relevant. 

At the moment, the platform is mostly relevant to the language of English. Since the feature is still new, there are still a lot of unknown capabilities that most of us hasn’t explored yet. It would be great if this new way of advertising will be as effective as keyword-oriented search campaigns such as Google Ads.


New Post Topics For Facebook Groups

Another new feature Facebook is implementing is the “Post Topic Tags”. This means that group members and admins are able to now categorize different type of posts to allow easier search when looking for specific content.

These days, many advertisers are targeting Facebook groups as there are many communities from different markets coming together to engage. The “New Post Topics” allows advertisers to build better relationships with their audiences easily and engage with them on a more personal targeted level. Users can find their intended content that’s most valuable to them by using tags.


Facebook Is Testing New Photo Layouts For Multi-Image Posts


Currently, Facebook has a one layout option for multi-image posts which you are limited to.

But there is news that Facebook is intending on improving how Multi-Image Posts are shown on the feed. This includes different layout options that allows users and pages to choose between formats to post.

With the ability to augment your layout to however you like, advertisers and page admins can be creative and choose the options that best showcase their brand or product that they want to share with their audience.

You can emphasize certain images by making them larger, optimize the size for mobile-first vertical content.


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