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CASE STUDY: Men in Fish 男人渔夫


Men in Fish 男人渔夫







“Who else but Men in Fish 男人渔夫? We are Malaysia’s seafood king! 

We deliver seafood from the sea directly to your homes.

With a variety of choices, the most competitive prices, and the fastest logistics in Malaysia, who can even compete ? !

We welcome you to test us anytime and anywhere. We are always waiting for you 24/7 online!” 



Who Is “Men in Fish 男人渔夫”

Men in Fish 男人渔夫 is a LIVE AUCTION fishing business based in Sekinchan that consists of a tag team duo of Mr Lucas and Mr Ting. They started off as fishermen/fish suppliers before they ventured onto an online live streaming venture on Facebook. Since then they quickly garnered a big following on their social media with their unique “Men in Black” themed brand and their entertaining livestream antics.

Livestream episodes would feature the duo displaying a variety of seafood on screen to be auctioned away in REAL TIME. Interested buyers would then have to bid for the fish in question by posting how much they are willing to pay for it on the video’s comment section.

Ever since Men in Fish 男人渔夫 hopped on the live auction phenomenon on December 22nd, they have since stood out from the competition with their excellent social media marketing and branding. 


Customer Testimonials 

Here are a few examples of what our customers have to say on Facebook.


The Challenge

Fisheries usually require a fishmonger reach out to their customers in markets. The chain of supply goes from the fishermen, to the wholesale market, to the fishmongers at smaller markets or restaurants, then only to the end consumer.

  • The effort and cost to market and sell their product daily according to the traditional supply chain can be high. 
  • Fisheries are limited to industry prices when selling their products in traditional markets. 
  • The time used to deliver products to customers in a long supply chain compromises freshness.



The Expectation 

By working with a Digital Marketing Agency (Wedialab), Men in Fish 男人渔夫 wanted to evolve their business model to fit in with the new digital landscape. Their motives for bringing their fishing business to an online platform was to solve the mentioned problems and to beat the competition.


Engaging Wedialab

Wedialab managed to offer comprehensive services for Men in Fish 男人渔夫 that combats the problem statements mentioned.

This includes:

1) Social Media Management

2) Content Creation/Curation

3) Facebook Advertising

4) YouTube Advertising

5) Video Production

6) Talent Management

7) TikTok Engagement 

8) Livestream Set-up 


Targeting The Right Market

Before deploying content and marketing campaigns for Men in Fish 男人渔夫 , Wedialab conducted comprehensive research to first understand their customer personas. The image shows a quick example of one of the customer personas.







Social Media Deployment 

 Men in Fish 男人渔夫 Facebook

Men in Fish 男人渔夫 Instagram

Men in Fish 男人渔夫 YouTube

Men in Fish 男人渔夫 TikTok






Facebook AD Campaigns




Men in Fish 男人渔夫 Video Performance




Facebook LIVE

The biggest highlight of  “Men in Fish 男人渔” are their  LIVE STREAMS. 

Taking the auctions online means that they  can now hook up with everyday consumers directly. In these Facebook Live auctions, each lot usually a combination of different seafood and fish  is displayed. Those watching would post their bidding price in the comments section, and the highest bidder within a stipulated time wins the lot.

It is through this new business model that “Men in Fish 男人渔” are able to cut costs in the supply chain, increase brand awareness, and deliver their products to their customers directly without compromising the freshness of the seafood.