Have You Heard? Now Is The Best Time To Go For Digital Marketing!


It’s only March and the year 2020 has already been hitting hard on the world’s populace and economy. Retail businesses around the world are struggling immensely especially due to the COVID-19 spread. As far as the eye can see, the number of people in shopping malls have dwindled to low numbers. This is due to the fact that people are practicing self quarantine in fear of increasing the spread of the virus. More so, many businesses gave implemented a work from home practice for all employees to reduce team activity and social interactions. In extreme cases, some of them even halt all operations for the time being.


Guess What? Everybody Is Now Online!

On a lighter note, social media has played an important role in reflecting public opinion and all while connecting the people’s sentiment across the globe. In a fix to satisfy the public’s need for social interaction, social medias such as Facebook and Instagram has seen a big boom in numbers online.

Everyone is keeping their eyes glued on their phones to stay up-to-date with latest news and not to mention, shop from home. Therefore, this is the prime opportunity to invest in proper social media marketing.


Why It’s The Perfect Time For Social Media

As it is the right timing to publish great content on social media and run  advertisements on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube etc to keep your business afloat and ahead of the competition. Besides that, many businesses are opting to halt marketing efforts due to the outbreak thus leading to cheaper costs in running online advertisements.



Even education institutions have suspended classes and study periods to protect students and as mentioned, avoid social gatherings of large groups.



Don’t Miss Out On This Opportunity

With that being said and done. What do you guys think that is going to happen next? One thing that’s certain is that social media traffic is going to increase tremendously for the upcoming months. Why? Because everyone wants to be connected as much as possible in these times of crisis.

This is the best time to create brand awareness through social media advertising and content. It will also be cheaper to advertise online, now that your competitor’s advertising rates have dropped. Facebook will charge your company less than before.

Stop holding back and grab the  opportunity to go Digital Marketing today!

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